Global Rizk Assessment Technology

Our proprietary Global Rizk Assessment Technology™ (GRAT) is the industry leading AI-driven due diligence technology platform for companies that want to accurately demonstrate best efforts to comply with government regulations, ESG standards and identify and mitigate forced labor, slave labor, and human trafficking in their supply chain.

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Easy to use and implement, GRAT™ is the most powerful and insightful platform of its kind in the industry.

Key Features & Capabilities

Supplier Management

Automatically generates comprehensive real-time reports.

Risk Assessment

Identify and assess forced labor in your supply chain.

Supply Chain Mapping

Advanced technology to map out supply chains.

Data Analytics

Analyzing supply chain data in real-time using advanced algorithms.

Training and Education

Training and educational resources to help build awareness and understanding of forced labor risks.

How GRAT™ Works

GRAT™ provides an end-to-end platform for managing the risk of forced labor in your supply chain.

With GRAT™, you can seamlessly on board your supply chain data and let our technology take care of the rest


Onboarding and Integration

Whether you use GRAT as a stand-alone product or integrate it with your existing technologies, we can have you up and running in days. Our process makes it simple to get started.


Easy Implementation

Give us your Tier 1 suppliers contact information, tell us how you want to position messaging, and we handle the rest. It’s that easy.


Supply Chain Mapping

We accurately map your entire supply chain from top to bottom. We geo-locate your suppliers, ports, and other facilities.



We analyze supplier data with our proprietary scoring system and sourced intelligence to provide actionable intelligence for you AND your suppliers.



Recommendations for corrective actions are automatically sent to those who need it throughout the entire supply chain.



We automatically generate standard or customizable reports for you, your risk management team, your board and your suppliers. Understand your supply chain, track your progress, and mitigate possible forced labor risk.

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