Could You Spot a Victim of Human Trafficking?

CHTCS-Logo-For-SiteA person can identify possible victims of human trafficking if they are educated on and aware of the signs that are specific to victims. Whether it’s a victim of forced labor or sex slavery, the indicatorsof a human trafficking victim tend to be consistent. It is important for people to be aware of the signs of human trafficking because it is happening everywhere, including some of the wealthiest neighborhoods throughout the country. Traffickers look for potential victims in public places such as malls, food stores, school playgrounds and on the internet, yet most people are not even aware the crime exists.

There are specific things to look for to help you identify whether someone is a victim of human trafficking or not. A potential victim may always have someone with them who appears to be controlling, over protective and often speaks for them. Additionally, victims are often malnourished, show signs of physical abuse and sometimes have severe anxiety or depression. Another red flag is a possible brand or mark that many traffickers give their victims in the form of a tattoo. Often they are of their trafficker’s name, or some type of identification number. Victims also may not know where they are or where they’re from. When asked questions you may notice inconsistencies with their stories or they won’t tell you where they’re from or staying.

Members of the community can help prevent human trafficking by educating themselves on the signs and becoming more observant of their surroundings and the people they’re interacting with. Additionally, business owners are beginning to require their employees to receive human trafficking training, especially in establishments such as hotels and apartment complexes. Being aware of a person’s demeanor, clothing, location, license plate and other crucial details are all useful tools that law enforcement could potentially use to help save a victim of trafficking.

SOURCE: SunHerald